We, as writers, bloggers, working professionals, mothers, lovers, etc., often find ourselves caught in the “barely have any time for myself” trap.  Sometimes we even wish the day could have more than 24 hours.  Time is a precious commodity that most of the time we can’t get enough of.

I find myself spending three of those precious hours every day while commuting to and from work. I live in Central New Jersey and work in Downtown, Manhattan. My commute is usually around one and a half hour each way, which sums up to three hours every day that I am basically “free” of any other responsibility.

I take the bus and also the subway, which gives me the opportunity to sit still for long periods of time, now the question is ¿what would you do with this free time in your hands?  Looking at the back of the head of some people is not fun or productive, nor is looking at the window while the bus or the train is going fast (especially in the subway, there’s nothing out there to see).  So the best option is to take advantage of that time and do something with it.

It’s a good idea to carry a notebook and pen to take notes, write ideas for your blog or writing project.  Also, make sure your phone or tablet has enough battery to last while you browse thru your email, check your social media platforms, repost, answer messages or do some research.

I use my cellphone a lot while I’m commuting to keep up with my Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., I go thru my emails, I read what other people are posting, I catch up with the news and take ideas for my future posts.

I also take pictures and videos, I love doing that!  I have found myself with some interesting views along the way and people worth to photograph.  Nowadays our phones are an “all in one” tool that we can take so much advantage of.

Those hours that you spend in your commute can become part of your routine to keep up with your blog without sacrificing some of the precious time that you have for yourself or your family.  After all, while you are in the bus or the subway, there’s nowhere else that you can do or go to, don’t get yourself in the trap of inactivity, is good to take advantage of those moments and make something useful out of them.

And, if you feel like taking a break on your commute, you might as well do it too! you deserve it.  Sometimes I feel so drained out of energy that my commute offers me the opportunity to take a nap and recharge my batteries.  I only do that on the bus because I feel more safe doing it, is also a longer commute time and everybody basically is doing the same (sleeping or going thru their phones).  Tilt that seat back and enjoy a quiet time to sleep, listen to some music, and watch your Netflix or the scenery if you have one.

The important thing is to do something that you enjoy and will benefit you, either to your sanity and wellbeing (such as sleeping and relaxing) or doing something productive for your project.  The commute doesn’t have to be a drag! Let’s make the best out of it.

What do you do while commuting? Do you have any other ways to maximize and take advantage of this free time?

p.s. the picture on this post is a collage I made when I got off the bus from work, using my cellphone 🙂


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lezeidaris (sermadrepr)
    Mar 25, 2014 @ 09:37:05

    Mery!!! Me pasa que voy escribiendo en el auto mientras mi esposo conduce y me pierdo de tantas cosas allá fuera. 😦 Lo noto (y lo lamento) esos días que dejo la computadora en casa y tengo tiempo para observar lo que me estoy perdiendo. Un día le dije a mi esposo: “Dios mío que rápido hicieron ese edificio” y mi esposo me contestó que siempre ha estado ahí. 😦 A esto súmale mi despiste natural.
    Desde que vi la película “About time” hago las cosas diferentes. Ahora sí me fijo en los detalles.
    Un abrazo!



    • merylandknowsbest
      Mar 25, 2014 @ 17:29:38

      En mi caso, el viaje es largo y tedioso, se presta para aprovechar esa hora y pico que me toma cada vuelta para hacer varias cosas, o simplemente echarme una siesta que muy merecida a veces la tengo. Especialmente en la tarde, cuando salgo agotada del trabajo y luego cuando llego a la casa no tengo tiempo de descansar hasta tarde. Gracias por pasar a comentar. Un abrazote.



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