By Meryland

Sometimes we stumbled upon publications in social networks that leave us wondering. They make us ask ourselves what exactly some people do with their lives?  The other day I had one of those moments, while I was navigating through Facebook I came across a publication that a young female in a very eloquent manner expressed on her status:  “Books are for the poor, who have no money to go to the movies “.

I share this post on my Facebook page (Otros $20 Pesos) and the reactions of my followers was very similar to mine.  Everyone seemed totally baffling to see a young girl think this way.  It makes you wonder, how does today’s youth invest their times?  I suppose that her expression is related to the films that are based on published books such as “The Hunger Games”, “Harry Potter “etc.

What she seems to ignore is that the stories that are adapted from book to film are never true to the original script.  Most people, who read a story in a book and then see it at the movies, end up disappointed by the drastic changes made to the original version to fit the big screen.

The worst thing is that feeling that way about books, it is very unlikely that she will sit back and enjoy one, and get lost in a world of unimaginable wisdom.

Fortunately, not all is lost!

The same day, during the evening I went to pick up my son Joey AKA “Mini Me” at his after’s school program, and one of his teachers approached me and told me that she was very proud of my child because he was starting to read on his own and was doing very well.

Now, mind you, my child is eight years old and has only been living in the USA for a few months, since we moved not long ago from Puerto Rico to New Jersey.  His first language is Spanish and he is just starting to learn English and also it has not been easy for him to adapt to changing school system let alone learn a new language, but my partner and I have been supporting his education and doing our best to make it less difficult for him.

Joey reading an electronic book about Chinese Fables.

Joey reading an electronic book about Chinese Fables.

After having this conversation with the teacher, all the frustration that was caused by the Facebook post went almost away when I remembered the phrase “A child who reads, will be an adult who thinks”. I felt happy and proud of my little one; I said to myself, “My son is not going to be one of those who think like that girl from the post”.

I remember on one occasion, Linda (my partner) and I talked to Joey about the importance and the fun of reading.  I told him that reading give us the opportunity to create and travel to unlimited imaginary worlds. I also told him that through reading we have the chance to see things we wouldn’t have the opportunity to see otherwise; that reading allows us to use our imagination without limits and it can be a lot of fun. Besides of all the things we can learn through reading.

We get him adventure books, which he likes very much.  He also has started to read online, there are interactive books on the internet that makes reading a very special experience for children; some of the websites we have used are and which are free to use.  I hope when our boy gets bigger, he can sit down with a “big” book and devour entirely and then ask for more.

For children, the process of growing fond of reading is progressive, when they read about things they are passionate about, the more they’ll want to read.  As a parent one must be patient, since they have a limited attention span and get bored easily, so we have to look for readings that help feed their curiosity and allow them to stay focused.

“A child, who reads, will be an adult who thinks” this is great truth! Nothing is impossible in the literary world, the realities and fantasies come to the reach of our fingertips. It’s a matter of getting comfortable and let your mind and imagination slip into the world of a book and get lost inside it.

How beautiful would be if all kids can enjoy reading and when they grow up, do not be like that girl who thinks that books are for the poor who can not afford the movies.


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